Do you spend many hours working on your MacBook? If so, then you probably experience sore neck and shoulder pain. Investing in a good MacBook stand can help improve your posture and prevent the discomfort of working on your laptop all day.

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Best MacBook Pro Stands:

Why you need a MacBook Stand

A study by the UNC School of Medicine revealed that leaning over your laptop causes not only sore muscles but also other injuries such as carpal tunnel. The study suggested that a good posture when working on a laptop is to look straight ahead on the screen and to ensure that your elbows, knees, and hips form a 90-degree angle with each other. A MacBook stand helps achieves this recommended posture.

What is the best MacBook Stand?

An ideal MacBook stand is one that helps achieve a good posture when working. You should also choose a stand with proper ventilation; a material that does not keep heat. The other benefit of a laptop stand is that it helps reduce the amount of space occupied by the laptop, thereby reducing clutter and keeping your workspace more organized.

The following is a list of ten of the best MacBook Stands in the market.#

1. Rain Design mStand 

Rain Design’s mStand is a full aluminum stand. Its design matches Apple’s aesthetics making it ideal for people who like design uniformity.

The aluminum acts as a heat sink helping draw away heat from your laptop. An optional swivel base improves cooling.

It is sturdy enough to accommodate a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro. At the center of the base, there is a raised lip that prevents your laptop from falling. The rubber pads on all four corners improve grip.

The stand elevates your laptop to an ideal viewing height and is tilted forward to make touchpad usage comfortable.  

2. Twelve South HiRise MacBook Stand

The Twelve South HiRise stand for MacBook is elegant, minimal, and functional. It has an aluminum design that mirrors your MacBook so perfectly that it feels like an extension of the laptop.

This stand is strong and grippy enough to accommodate any size of a laptop; from the 11-inch MacBook Air to the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It has V-shaped arms that maximize air circulation to prevent your laptop from overheating.

 The height of the stand is adjustable. The maximum height puts the laptop in line with an Apple Screen and helps accommodate an external mouse and keyboard usage. When using the trackpad, you will be more comfortable setting it to the minimum height.

3. Griffin Elevator Stand

The Griffin Elevator stand lifts your laptop a significant height off your desk. It allows you to store accessories and your work-related tools underneath the laptop.

It improves the posture by raising the laptop to your eye level. Due to its height, it is best used with an external mouse and keyboard.

Its height is not adjustable. Still, it does not raise your laptop too high to be uncomfortable. It has a slight angle that makes it ideal when watching videos.

4. Steklo X-Stand for MacBook

Steklo X-stand is an aluminum stand that can hold a MacBook between the size of 12 and 17 inches. The material is a good conductor of heat meaning it helps draw away heat from your laptop.

Its best feature is portability. You can fold it down by breaking it into small components that you can easily fit in a laptop bag. And, it only weighs 5.8 ounces.

It offers a slight tilt to your laptop, improving your posture as you work. It does not lift your laptop too high that using the trackpad becomes uncomfortable.

5. Roost MacBook Stand

The Roost MacBook Stand is foldable and portable, making it ideal for those people who are always moving with their laptops. It weighs only 5.8 ounces.

It has adjustable height, allowing you to position the screen at a height that matches your needs. The minimum height is 6 inches, and the maximum height is 12 inches.

It is strong and sturdy. According to the manufacturer, this stand will support laptops with a keyboard section with a thickness of 0.75 inches or less. It has rubber grips that ensure your laptop is firmly positioned.

6. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

This stand from Amazon Basics is probably the cheapest laptop stand you will find. It has three advantageous features; portability, metal mesh, and adjustable height.

  • This stand is light and can be folded to fit in a laptop bag. It weighs 2.43 pounds.
  • The metal mesh absorbs heat from the laptop. Since it is a mesh, it increases airflow helping draw away heat from the laptop.
  • The height and tilt are adjusted by increasing or decreasing the angle to any angle from 12 to 35 degrees.
  • Another notable feature is cable management. It has a six-slot cord organizer helping you keep your cables out of sight.

7. Belkin Aluminum Stand & Loft for Laptops

This stand helps elevate your laptop to an ideal height. However, its height is not adjustable, neither is it portable. Therefore, it is for those people who want a stationary stand to improve posture as they work on their laptop.

This stand keeps your laptop cool as you work. The aluminum absorbs heat, and the open horizontal design increases airflow.

It has a rubber coating at the top to keep your MacBook in firmly positioned. The hole at the back helps with cable management.  

8. Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand 

As its name suggests, this stand is for those people who travel a lot with their laptops. It is adjustable, lightweight and compact. The stand weighs a pound and can be easily be stored in a laptop bag.

It is made of aluminum meaning its strong and durable. Its small size should not fool you as it can hold the 17-inch sized laptops.

The stand has six levels of height adjustment. You can easily position your laptop at a height that’s convenient for your different uses.


9. Twelve South BookArc Vertical Stand

Vertical stands are convenient when you want to connect a laptop to an external screen, keyboard, and mouse. Such stands reduce the space the laptop occupies on the workspace when connected to an external monitor or when you are not using the laptop, and prevent you from accidentally placing things on top of the laptop.

The Twelve South Book Arc is a wooden stand with an elegant finish. It elevates your laptop putting it in sight on your workspace. It reduces clutter on the workspace thanks to the built-in cable management feature.

This vertical stand is available in silver, birch, and silver gray.

10. Rain Design mTower Laptop Stand

Rain Design’s mTower is a solid vertical stand made of aluminum. Its smooth and polished finish matches the look and feel of your MacBook.

Its best feature is its heat sink design. This feature helps conduct heat away from your laptop. Overheating reduces not only the efficiency but the lifespan of a laptop.

The Rain Design mTower stand has a height of only 3.46 inches. The small size increases the stability. With this stand, you need not worry that your laptop will go flying if you accidentally trip the stand.

That’s our top picks for the best MacBook stands. What’s your pick? Let us know in the comments section